As I chatted with my parents while my kids played for just a little longer before taking the 45-minute drive home, some things were said that really hit me hard.  Just like any grandparents who have watched their grandkids for a couple of days, they were telling me about all the different cute & funny things that had transpired.  The one thing that I was proudest about (besides knowing that they minded their manners for the most part) was when my dad informed me that he pulled out his guitar to teach them some songs, but the only thing they wanted to do was look at books!  Yep, this book lady’s heart was extremely happy to hear that!

You see, even though I have great memories of my childhood with all the playing and exploring we were able to do living in a small community, the one thing we did not do much of was read (besides scriptures).  Do I blame my parents for that?  Heavens no!  (Let’s be real…there were 4 of us kids ages 5 and under, so just trying to get through each day was a real feat) But, it has caused me to set a goal to instill a love of reading into my children.

So, how do you instill that love of reading & learning?  Just like everything with kids, no one answer works for every child.  Here are three different ideas that may help you through the process:

1. Read Together

I could write a whole other blog post on this, but honestly…reading with your child is not only showing them that you value them and your time together, but you are able to build a bond with them, but you can also read books that they might not necessarily be able to read on their own even though they can comprehend it.

2. Make Reading Convenient

You’ve probably heard me or other mention to have book everywhere.  Well, that’s exactly what you should do!  In the bedroom, in the bathroom, at the breakfast table, in the car.  Having access to books makes it so convenient to grab one and start reading.  Another tip might be how you showcase the books!  If they can see the covers of the books, they are more apt to grab it and check it out.

3. Choosing the Right Books

This!  As our children get older, their choice in what they desire to read will change as well.  It’s always important to provide them with books that pique their interest; whether that is chapter books, graphic novels or non-fiction.  BUT, don’t hesitate to give them the opportunity to try new types of books here and there as well.

There you have it, friend!  As parents, we want the very best for our kids, and I am right here to help you succeed!

Happy Reading!!
xoxo- Kim