This week has been a very emotional roller coaster, am I right? Even though I feel like the area I live in is kind of shielded by so much of the sadness, it still exists, and it still effects us as a whole country.

However, one thing I do know is that we can help our children through not just talking with them about current events and how racism has and still is part of our country {that’s hard enough on it’s own}, but also through reading. I know this is something that is happening in our home, and will continue to happen. Our children need to read about people who aren’t like them – they need to know that each person is important. Here is a great video showcasing several of our books that show diversity.

You can also find all these books right here. And, if you are needing help with recommendations, please contact me – I would love to help you!

❓ I want to know, how have you brought up diversity to your children?