I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS trying to teach Ella and Lucas all about manners.  “Cover your mouth when you sneeze,” “Remember to say Please and Thank You,” and many….many others!  Anyone else silently feeling like it’s a never-ending process!?  Mmmhmmm!  Don’t be shy…feel free to nod in agreeance.  It’s the life of a parent, right!?

I remember sitting at National Convention last year listening to Peter Usborne talking about this book, and how all of us consultants were so excited that we were getting a book all about manners!  When I sat down to actually read it, I realized how big of a gem this book truly is!  The illustrations are so FUN, and it helps us to even open up to our kids about specific situations that might be happening to them so we can help them use the best manners possible.

I came across this fun blog post by the author, James Maclaine, about what inspired him to write this book.  I loved his method and reasonings.  Check out the blog HERE!

Miss Molly’s School of Manners