I still remember seeing the text come through on my phone to inform me that our school district had made the decision to close school the whole week before Spring Break, and then resume the week after Spring Break. Two weeks was a long time…or so I thought. Idaho has definitely been one of the less-hit areas, so I was hopeful that we would make it through Spring Break and then we could resume our regular schedule. (Of course, just like almost every other school in the country, we are now getting ready to start online schooling)

My first thought was fear of what my daughter would do when I told her she couldn’t go to school…especially over her birthday when they would read her name over the intercom. I’m sure you can imagine how that conversation went. However, my next fear was all about trying to figure out what I was going to do to make sure she was still engaging and learning while playing. And the thought of me actually being a homeschooling mom scared the “you know what” out of me!

Anyone else have those feelings come over you? Anyone else automatically begin to panic because you felt you were completely inadequate?

I think so many of us have those feelings, and they are very real! However, I was so grateful for a fellow UBAM Leader, Amy, who created this video and really helped calm my own fears about so many things.

Doesn’t Amy just make you feel like you truly can do it…that you don’t have to kill yourself trying to find the perfect workbooks, or teach every single topic? The nice thing is that through reading, our children will still be engaged and learning!

I’m sure your teachers are helping by providing you with school work for your children. However, if you are needing something else to keep your children engaged and learning just for fun, here is a great list of different titles we offer that will do just that! CLICK HERE

Enjoy the time you have with your children and show them how much you love them!